About US

Some things about us

We love fragrance.

We think fragrance is good!

We think using the sense of smell to bring pleasure and enjoyment to our lives is fun.

We hope you have fun playing fragrance too 🙂

Some goals we have

To be smart and conservative about how we use natural resources.

To be transparent with our ingredients.

To support fragrance sustainability.

To keep trying new things.

Our story

We set out to reinvent the way you scent your home. We've created a safe and simple way to create exquisite scent you can control as easily as a stereo! Leveraging our successful commercial technology, we created the InnooCare player, the cleanest and most effective scent delivery system available. We then worked with world renowned perfumers to create our collection of unique, livable fragrances. All in hopes of making the joy of fragrance a more fun and regular part of daily life.